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Why Fisk Johnson and David Katz believe in retail and finance’s role in ending plastic pollution

Estimates show that about 5 trillion pieces of plastic debris are in the ocean already. Ocean plastic, obviously, comes from land, and was produced by people. That plastic can be reused and recycled by companies as a resource — so why isn’t it? With the recent public outcry against plastics, companies are realizing they have a role to play in not only cleaning up marine debris, but also preventing it from entering in the first place. That means investing in waste management infrastructure and areas that the debris accumulates.

Fisk Johnson, president of manufacturer and retailer SC Johnson, sat down with David Katz, president of social enterprise NGO Plastic Bank, to discuss how to place value on plastic waste and incentivize reuse and recycling in impoverished areas around the world. Can they turn ocean plastic and social plastic into opportunities for sustainability?

Watch here.

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