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Astrophysics in Crisis? Mystery Object Discovered That Could Change Everything

Researchers have identified an enigmatic cosmic system that might contain an object bridging the gap between neutron stars and black holes, challenging existing astrophysical classifications and deepening our insight into cosmic extremes. Credit:

Astronomers discover a celestial object that defies classification, possibly uncovering a new type of cosmic entity at the edge of known physics.

Sometimes astronomers come across objects in the sky that we can’t easily explain. In our new research, published in Science, we report such a discovery, which is likely to spark discussion and speculation.

Neutron stars are some of the densest objects in the universe. As compact as an atomic nucleus, yet as large as a city, they push the limits of our understanding of extreme matter. The heavier a neutron star is, the more likely it is to eventually collapse to become something even denser: a black hole.

Source: SciTechDaily