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Hyundai, China Unicom To Build Big Data Center In Guizhou

South Korea’s Hyundai Group will cooperate with China Unicom to build a big data center in Guizhou.

This is the first overseas big data center for Hyundai Group. With this move, Hyundai hopes to provide localized intelligent car networking services to Chinese consumers.

An executive from Hyundai Group said at an interview with local media that the automobile industry is going through a revolution. It is particularly important for car manufacturers to collect and process valid data, so the data center in China will facilitate that.

In 2016, Hyundai Group announced plans to cooperate with global information technology companies to develop an intelligent car business. With the establishment of its Chinese big data center, Hyundai Group will reach a deal with China Unicom and the two parties will jointly develop a forecast and analysis platform which can process various local data.

In addition, Hyundai Group established a good cooperating relationship with Baidu, hoping to integrate Baidu’s MapAuto navigation technology and DuerOS smart voice recognition system into its cars.